Monday, July 9, 2007

Build Lightning-fast Timing In Your Combat Skills

If you train in the martial arts, whether for sport or self-defense, you need to have a certain book in your training library. That book is Timing in the Fighting Arts: Your Guide to Winning in the Ring and Surviving on the Street by Loren Christensen and Wim Demeere.

This book has been invaluable to me in developing my timing with strikes, kicks, defense and movement. The precision of not only my timing, but striking location as well has improved dramatically since working the drills in this book and adopting the authors' strategies. The authors are go very deep into explaining the thought processes in good timing and how to use your opponent's reaction speed against him. The drills are very well thought out and adaptable to most any training situation. I train most of them on my heavy punching bag and with partners.

I highly recommend you get Timing in the Fighting Arts immediately if you are a fighter in any martial or combat art.

Stay strong, stay fit

John Fike

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April said...

Timing is very important in almost everything, especially in martial arts. But I think what will standout from the rest of the martial artists that have a Lightning fast timing is the one that have Lightning fast Reflexes.

"April" for prix puit de lumière